Franchise Application Form

Brand Description;

In order to strengthen the presence of the international Boris Becker brand and further its growth, franchises or dealerships are given to entrepreneurs who will adopt brand standards and lines.

  • The store, which is planned as a corner store, is expected to have heavy pedestrian traffic in places with high brand value and a population of at least 10,000 people in the region,
  • Thus, both the image of the brand will be protected and the sales of the dealers will be increased, It is expected that the enterprises to which Boris Becker is a dealer will have a sufficient financial structure and an organizational structure suitable for simultaneous development with the brand,
  • It is expected that each planned store will have an area of at least 100-200 m2,
  • The stores opened by the entrepreneurs who bought the Boris Becker dealership must be comply with the store standards planned in the corner system,
  • All posters sent by the Boris Becker head office should be included in the corners,
  • Our Planned Target regions, All Turkey, Europe and Middle East countries;